Employee Benefits – Gareth James

  Employee Benefits - Gareth James I have worked in HR for the past 11 years, starting out as a fresh faced 22 year old eager to impress an

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Employee Benefits – Gareth James

gareth james dezrezI have worked in HR for the past 11 years, starting out as a fresh faced 22 year old eager to impress and eager to go out after work socially in equal measure, to now finding myself at the age of 33 with an 11 week old baby, a long suffering wife, a house requiring constant upkeep and a dog who spends more time in the river than responding to my commands. Times have certainly changed!

This got me thinking about employee benefits and what the “old me” would find appealing compared to now and I can definitely say that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to benefits.

Employee benefitsHaving a broad and meaningful range of benefits that employees can take advantage of which best suit their needs is, in my opinion, an absolute necessity for employers in both recruiting and retaining top talent.

Getting the mix right doesn’t need to be difficult either. Maybe the answer is sitting right in front of you, just ask your employees what would suit them rather than relying on the latest article in Personnel Today or spending 10 minutes searching “low cost employee benefits” on google (we’ve all done it). Not only will you be able to tailor your benefits package to suit your staff but you will also improve employee engagement and potentially save money.

Once you’ve got the mix right don’t be too eager to give yourself a pat on the back, as I mentioned at the start of this article a lot can change during an employees career and we should keep asking the question of what people want on a regular basis.

employee benefits 2Have a think of your own career and compare what benefits would suit you now compared to early in your career, you may be surprised by how your needs have changed.

Here at Dezrez & Dezrezlegal we have various vacancies at entry through to management level so if you are interested in working for a company that thinks a little differently about employee benefits then please visit our careers page on our website: http://careers.dezrez.com/ or Email recruitment