Focus on Enhance

Focus on Enhance

With such a dizzying array of third party apps, extensions, and possibilities, it can be difficult to know where to begin getting the most out of Re

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focus on enhance

With such a dizzying array of third party apps, extensions, and possibilities, it can be difficult to know where to begin getting the most out of Rezi. With Dezrez Enhance, there are several concrete actions you can take right now to see positive benefits to your business. To illustrate this, we will take a look at how automation and workflows can help you attract more vendors and applicants, as well as take better care of the customers you already have. These steps will help at all levels of the process, such as:

  •      Vendor Care (Welcome Packs)
  •      Applicant Care (Lead Allocation)
  •      Viewings
  •      Negotiator Care
  •      Offers
  •      Referrals

Rezi Workflows

From Start to Finish

We’ve discussed how to increase your conversion rate by 50% and before how Rezi can help generate more and better leads, but what it can do after that lead comes in is even more important. Because there is so much that Enhance can do, it might help to follow the process from start to finish.

Vendor Care

In our example, Sarah Jones has decided to sell her home. Like most people, she has become accustomed to a high level of customer service and personalised touches. When it comes to selling her home, she expects even more attention to detail. As soon as she enters the system, she will receive either an email or SMS with a welcome message and/or a link to a webpage containing helpful information about what to expect. As an optional extra, bespoke content can be added to help deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Welcome Pack Workflow

Welcome Packs

The Welcome Packs themselves can also be customised based on the type of customer. A cash buyer, for example, can receive a different pack than a first-time buyer with a Graded Boost. Or you can choose from a range of Premium Templates, or even request a Bespoke Template unique to your business. With the Matched Boost, you can include a tailored list of properties for a particular customer, bringing them exactly what they’re looking for.

Automated Reminders

Reminders can be sent regarding Valuations, tips, or anything else the agent thinks she might need, putting her mind at ease.

Applicant Care

From the moment a lead is generated, Rezi can help guide that customer from qualified lead to a closed sale. Buying a home can be just as scary, and applicants can also benefit from a personal approach.

Automated Lead Allocation

Let’s say that John Smith has just found spotted Sarah’s listing in the window of an agency running Rezi. If that agency is also using Rezi Screenz, they will already know quite a bit about him before he even instigates contact, creating an even more qualified lead. Either way, John requests more information on this listing, and as soon as it is generated, Rezi’s Automated Lead Allocation can send it to the person on your staff best able to handle the request. Right away Rezi can help managers remove this time-consuming task while also improving callback times, customer service, and increasing sales. The advanced version can even re-assign that lead if no action is taken within one hour and also send an SMS to ensure leads are called back promptly.

Perfect Matches and Out Of Area Vendor

Similar to the Matched Welcome Packs, Rezi can also send applicants a list of suitable properties that are Perfect Matches to the ones they’ve already expressed interest in. This list can be compiled automatically by Rezi based on various factors including property type, price, and location. Likewise, if the applicant applies in a branch that is not their closest or most relevant, Rezi’s Out of Area Vendor can alert them to that as well, creating the best possible match between branch and customer.

Viewing Workflows


Once Mr. Smith has received his Applicant Welcome Pack via email or SMS, the next step would be to schedule a viewing, and here Rezi really shines by keeping everyone in the loop and on the same page. Once the appointment is booked, both applicants and vendors will receive a Viewing Confirmation SMS containing the address, time, date, and a list of attendees. If this is the first viewing for the property, Sarah will automatically receive a Vendor 1st Viewing email or SMS, containing important information and helpful tips on how to get the best price for her property.

Pre-Viewing Reminders

One hour before the scheduled viewing, Rezi can automatically send John the PDF Brochure for the property and can even send him an SMS with a link to Google Maps and directions to the property. Applicants who are new to the area will certainly appreciate this level of care. Sarah will also be reminded of the viewing one hour before either by SMS or email, making sure everyone knows the plan.

Negotiator Care

Until now, the focus has been on the vendor and applicant, but Rezi can reduce potential headaches for the agent as well. Before the viewing, they will receive a Keys Required alert, reminding them to pick up keys and avoid embarrassment. After the viewing, Rezi will send a Post-Viewing Feedback Reminder, requesting valuable feedback from the applicant so the agent can adjust their approach to best suit their needs. If no feedback has been recorded within 24 hours, the agent will receive a Feedback Required notification so that they can send a gentle reminder to the applicant. The agent will have also been reminded to Return Keys and the branch manager can be alerted of any Keys at Risk should they not be checked back in by the end of the day. This helps avoid potential security risks as well as confusion regarding who has which keys.

Viewing Workflows

Zero Viewings

Keeping track of viewing for their various properties can be a headache for agents, but Rezi can help. If a property has had Zero Viewings, Rezi alerts the agent so they can take appropriate action to avoid losing stock. These alerts can be sent after zero viewings in 7, 14, 21, or 30 days making sure the agent knows what properties need their attention.

It may sound simple, but this single innovation can go a long way to keeping stock from going stale. Not only can it alert the agent, but it also helps branch managers understand the issues that need to be addressed without having to wait for reports to hit their desks, allowing them to save time and stay ahead of the curve. Rezi does all of this automatically, meaning that the time previously spent figuring out the problem can now be spent solving it, ensuring a fresh and vibrant portfolio.

Forgotten Keys

As we’ve mentioned, Rezi will remind agents to bring the keys, but if no keys have been checked out fifteen minutes before a viewing, Rezi can send a Forgotten Keys alert, just to make sure.

Up-to-date Information

Agents will be kept up-to-date on all of their listings automatically by Rezi. The Note Added notification, for instance, will alert them if a note has been added to one of their properties i.e. on lunch/viewing. If a property is exchanged or falls through, an automated email is sent to the board company to remove it with the Remove Board alert. Such features ensure that an agent’s energy is focused where it needs to be and less time is wasted chasing outdated leads.

Offer Workflow


Once the process enters the negotiating phase, Rezi alerts all parties whenever a change in status occurs. Sarah, for example, will receive an SMS or email to let her know that there was an Offer Received by the agent. Likewise, John will also receive an update when that offer has been delivered to the vendor. If there is an Offer Accepted, a congratulatory message will be sent to all parties letting them know it’s time to pop the champagne corks.


At all stages of the process, Rezi reduces confusion among parties, improves customer service, and increases sales. Additionally, it can help agents extract the maximum value from each customer by automatically connecting those customers with services they might need,such as conveyancing  DezrezLegal. Fee-free mortgage advice can be arranged by sending leads to London and Country, earning the agent a further commission on mortgage fees, life insurance, etc. Similarly, the agent can refer leads to GOTOSURVEYS or GOTOMORTGAGES and also receive commissions on successful referrals, both from them and DezrezLegal, as well. And the Withdrawn Property Checker can help generate even more revenue for the agent, helping them grow their business and put their mind at ease.

Dezrez Enhance

Dezrez Enhance

With its focus on automation and workflows designed to streamline processes across the board, Dezrez Enhance can help agents bring their customers the level of service they expect while also helping them extract the maximum value from each transaction. And it’s only just getting started. Upgrades and add-on features are being constantly added to Enhance to bring agents the most powerful tools available to help them reach their goals. Time-saving tools can already Generate Tomorrow’s Value Packs automatically and place them in the printbag, saving the average negotiator 60 hours per year! Soon, Feedback by Voice and Two Way SMS will also help save time and streamline communications between applicant, vendors, and negotiators.

Customer service is at the heart of any successful business, and Dezrez Enhance gives agents the tools they need to save time so they can focus on taking great care of their vendors and applicants. It’s also a great way to find partners, helping them discover and connect with all the services they might need. Such an integrated approach creates great relationships that lead to good word-of-mouth, a stellar reputation, and repeat business. Please visit Dezrez Enhance to stay updated on new products and services, or for more information, contact us today.