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What has made you take the leap to start your own estate agency? I have worked for a number of well-established estate agencies such as Ludlow Thomps

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maxwell estate agents dezrezWhat has made you take the leap to start your own estate agency?

I have worked for a number of well-established estate agencies such as Ludlow Thompsons, Vanet Property Management and a developer called Bellway Homes. After 10 years’ of learning the ins and out of the industry I have gathered enough knowledge and experience to be able to provide Management, Lettings and Sales services myself and employ other individuals who have passion for the industry. In November 2014, I have opened Maxwell Property Limited and never looked back. Being my own boss gave me the opportunity to develop my business as fast as I wanted without any delays, approvals, etc… and of course reap the rewards myself instead of the company taking 90% of the deal.

Why use Dezrez?

I have used over 5 different CRM systems, Dezrez is very close to everything you need to have your sales, admin and management aspects organised. Of course you can always make a better system but you will have to spend thousands of hours and few million pounds on development to make it close. Dez Rez has a friendly and proactive team who tended to all my technical errors promptly. Because Dezrez is so user friendly I was able to quickly demonstrate what it can do to all my colleagues and implemented Dezrez software in most of the previous companies I have worked for and now finally for me.

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What do you love about estate agency?

I love the property industry because it is so diverse, while the core for me is Management, Sales & Lettings you can also go in a direction of serviced apartment provider, shared accommodation services, maintenance & refurbishment, development and many other affiliate companies can derive from one.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

If I am not at work them I am at home, park, beech spending my time with family and kids. When I do get an occasional alone time I like to jump on the bike and find some new forest trails or play some basketball with the lads.

What is your favourite food?

My diet is random, depends on where I am and what’s available, but NO McDonalds or any other fast junk food.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

I used to love to get away to Italy a lot, but with kids my new favourite destination is Turkey. Not only it has nice weather, food and sea but also and a friendly entertainment team that look after our kids while me and my misses can ,properly relax.

What is your dream car?

For a dream car it would have to be Pegani Zonda Spyder, looks amazing and 0-60mph in circa 3secs.