Increase your conversion rate by 50%

In the fast paced world of estate agents, customer care can often be a casualty of the high-speed nature of the business

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High Speed Nature of Business

In the fast paced world of estate agents, customer care can often be a casualty of the high-speed nature of the business. Many agents take a “book it and forget it” approach to potential buyers because the process of determining which ones are hot and which are not can be too time-consuming and can often feel like a shot in the dark. With Rezi, that process can be automated and streamlined, producing better and more qualified leads with minimal effort.


applicant careBoost Leads & Revenue

“Applicant Care” is one of the best ways to generate more business from an already existing client base. Taking a customised approach to each interaction leaves the customer feeling like the center of the universe and 87% of people will share a positive experience. In addition to simply being good for word-of-mouth, nearly 55% of buyers will choose to also sell a property with an agent who provides them with focused customer service. This simple act of treating each customer like they are the only customer can boost revenue and lead to even more leads in the future.

This may sound time intensive, but Rezi automates the process with workflows that can be endlessly customised. For example, alerts can be set up to tell an agent when a certain amount of time has elapsed since an applicant viewed a property. The agent can then choose how and in what way they wish to initiate further contact. Rezi can also track a user’s activity on the agency’s website, telling an agent what properties they have viewed and how many times they’ve clicked on it, for example, indicating whether they are a “hot buyer” or just browsing.


Increase your conversion rate by 50%

Because Rezi can do this automatically, it translates to less time spent qualifying leads and more time available for customer care. An agent can even set trigger points and have Rezi alert them when a visitor meets a certain set of requirements, bringing the “hot buyers” immediately to their attention. Workflows can also be set up to automatically react to these trigger points with emails, texts, or customised brochures, for instance, keeping the potential buyer constantly moving along the sales funnel.

They typical approach taken by estate agents has a conversion rate of 50:1, meaning that only one person out of fifty becomes a buyer. Rezi aims to get this number higher by qualifying the leads an agent may already have, letting them focus their energy on the applicants more likely to actually buy and also by giving them more ways to coax those customers along the path. It requires them to think less like estate agents, and a bit more like marketers.

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Automatically send a custom welcome pack

For example, a workflow could be designed to automatically send a custom welcome pack to a potential buyer containing specific information on listings they may have viewed on the website and even bring them other properties in the same budget range or location. This not only helps qualify the lead, but it also provides the agent with more information, allowing them to create a specific pitch for a particular customer based on the data they have generated.

This type of customisation doesn’t simply end when they reach the end of the sales funnel. In fact, during the buying process, Rezi has many tools that allow estate agents to connect buyers with solicitors, financial service providers, surveys, and more, generating additional income for the agent, helping them extract the most value from their customers. Rezi makes it easy to connect the right people for the right job.

one day workshopOne day workshop

The Applicant Care Workshop is a one-day workshop that will show you how to use the powerful Rezi API to boost your market, increase customer satisfaction, and automatically qualify leads. We will provide personalised, hands-on training to help you get the most out Rezi, letting it do the work for you so you can focus on growing your business.

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