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Always on Always Connected The estate agency world has changed dramatically. The emergence of an always-on, always-connected world means that old m

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Always on Always Connected

The estate agency world has changed dramatically. The emergence of an always-on, always-connected world means that old models are being disrupted, consumers are demanding more, and the world is smaller and more connected than ever before.

The traditional estate agency operating model is fracturing under the digital demands of their customers, partners and employees. Estate Agents can try to become digital by attempting to do things the old way, but they will fall behind, and will face increasing competition from their technology embracing competitors.

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Rapid Adoption of Technology

We are constantly reminded in our daily lives that the rapid adoption of technology led innovation is disrupting traditional business models in nearly every industry. For example, retail has moved beyond online shopping to quick response, mobile capable commerce that allows the consumer to engage with products across all their devices, at any time of day or night.

Consumers benefit from broader product and service selections, nearly complete price transparency, and the availability of an array of delivery options. Unmanned drones will soon transport many consumer products for same-day delivery directly to the home; who would have thought this was feasible just a few years ago?

In transportation, Uber has utilised an array of digital technologies to dramatically redefine the customer experience and create a powerful global brand. By late 2014, Uber claimed more than one million rides per day.

Traditional car manufacturers are not only facing competition from well financed new entries like Tesla, whose market value is now more than £26 billion, but also from the near term prospects of self-driven vehicles from the likes of non-traditional competitors like Apple and Google.

Great potential currently exists to address even the most complex of challenges; wearable technologies are transforming healthcare and the online education fields, while the integration of sensors in the home addresses the complex challenge of managing the environment and improving sustainability.

To our most innovative thinkers, the possibilities seem limitless…..

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Never Before Seen by Estate Agents

The key to unlocking the value of these technologies remains the ability to not only collect and interpret intelligent streams of data, but also to assemble components to quickly create new sets of capabilities never seen before by estate agents and their customers.

It is all about integration. Not just the integration of hardware, applications and data, but the integration of ideas, internal teams, external partners and new business processes as well.

There is an emerging set of requirements to enable different organisations to connect applications and data freely across traditional boundaries. This ability to expose and make data open for reuse wherever and whenever it’s needed creates the adaptive enterprise of the future and ultimately the estate agent of the future.

The reality of a connected world is here and now. Technological innovation is a core business strategy and the roles of a company’s strategy and technology leadership have become explicitly interwoven. Tomorrow’s leading estate agents will live by the ethos of “disrupt or be disrupted.”

never seen before by estate agents

The Only Estate Agent Software…

At Dezrez we anticipated and identified the fast growth of technology and customer expectation when developing Rezi. We understand that technology is no longer about just keeping the lights on and the office ticking over but an enabler for estate agents to freely choose applications, partners and workflows; in turn creating value for an ever demanding audience.

We are not interested in utilising your data for our own benefit, we will not dictate to you which services you should use for your accounts package or your conveyancing service but we do promise to open up a world of customisations, integrations, partnerships and automated workflows through our dedicated Enhance area.

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Unlocking Value

Enhance has been designed to complement Rezi and its breadth of innovative functionality. It is an ecosystem designed to increase the power and value of software which in turn provides bespoke solutions that are unique to the estate agent industry.

Rezi is the only platform to provide estate agents with API-led connectivity, allowing you to organise your agency and network from a technology perspective. Connectivity is no longer about just integrating back office systems, but unlocking value in your data and assets to allow your business to take part in creating new digital experiences so desperately needed to meet your consumer demands.

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New Experiences

Without realising it technology underpins all aspects of your business, it relates to your files, databases, applications in the cloud and on site infrastructure. Like no other estate agent software on the market Rezi enables you to provide your consumers with new experiences through its application network.

It provides the building blocks for your agency or network and offers new applications, reports, analytics and the digital products to compete in this increasingly digital age.

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New Operating Model

Rezi API-led connectivity is a straightforward approach to delivering this new type of operating model and will allow you to connect to third party applications of your choice in minutes, all at a low cost. Instead of weeks of development time and the high costs you would be likely to encounter with any other estate agent platform we can deliver innovative technology that will impress your clients and keep costs to a minimum.

Open APIs are the key driver in this technology relationship because they provide everything from analytics to historical data, all available at the click of a button. Envisage an integration with the Land Registry, providing you with access to key government data, exactly when you need it.

What sounds like a simple premise is what makes you stand out to your clients as an estate agent who understands the importance of utilising both data and technology to provide an enhanced service.

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Utilising Technology Outside Estate Agency

Every estate agent needs to replicate the success of those multi-national businesses who have embraced API technology within their organisations for several years and succeeded in revolutionising the way they communicate with their clients, data and software systems alike.

Rezi will provide you with the ability to hide the complexity of your legacy while delivering a consumer experience that appears effortless yet is underpinned by a strong technology backbone.

Real Life Examples

There is no question that Rezi creates meaningful experiences for customers and enables previously untapped channels of revenue that only an API can provide;

Some real life examples of how Rezi is already benefiting estate agents are highlighted below:-

Generate Tomorrows Valuation Pack

Drive operational excellence using automation valuation packs. For tomorrow’s appointments, Rezi automated workflow will scan all valuations for the next day and at 10:00pm each night will generate a branded valuation pack which is emailed to each valuer, allowing you to work smarter not harder.

Respond by Voice (Twilio Integration)

Stop wasting time duplicating viewing feedback; Rezi transforms how you work to achieve higher engagement with less hassle.

Rezi will call the applicant who has viewed the property and ask them to give feedback over the phone whilst uploading straight against their contact in Rezi, giving you more time to focus on the next viewing or finalising that high value sale.

Our API seamlessly connects to Twilio, a third party voice recognition system, allowing agents to dictate any feedback or valuation notes, whilst converting into text and logging against an applicant’s account in Rezi. A notification will be automatically sent to the owning negotiator to inform them that feedback has been received.

Not to worry, Rezi will not call after 6:00pm.

Automatic Board Ordering (Agency Express Integration)

We are the only software provider whose API-led connectivity allows agents to take control of Agency Express board management and ordering system as if it was their own.

Coupled with our powerful workflow system, boards will be automatically ordered for the property, scheduling personnel to carry out the erection of the board and removal based on the status of the property.

Uber Taxi Ordering and SMS Confirmation

Rezi’s application network breaks outside the traditional estate agent industry and opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

Through its API connectivity Rezi can set up a link with Uber in a matter of minutes. This allows you to automatically order an Uber taxi to transport your applicant to a viewing.

It doesn’t stop there, further personalise the experience engaging your applicant at timely touch points; confirm via SMS/Email to the applicant asking where they would like to be picked up. Once the applicant has chosen their pick up point the automated workflow will book the taxi and send a confirmation.

Upon pick up the workflow will automatically send the brochure via email and when complete the workflow will send a feedback request form to gauge the applicants viewing feedback.

Work Smarter Not Harder

In short Rezi enables a completely new way of thinking with efficient outcomes and an enabler to work smarter not harder through these three key areas:

  1. Creating better customer experiences through digital means
  2. Driving operational excellence by enabling employees to be more productive
  3. Developing new revenue channels by unlocking digital assets

The bottom line is agents using Rezi agents deliver projects 3x faster and increase team productivity by 300% than with legacy or home-grown connectivity solutions.

Contact us to find out the best way to get started.


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