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One of the most hotly debated topics emerging this year is the future of estate agency. Consumers want better engagement, online agencies are threat

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One of the most hotly debated topics emerging this year is the future of estate agency. Consumers want better engagement, online agencies are threatening to shake up traditional business models, and the super agency is gaining prominence. All while the housing market isn’t yet fully stable.

You’d be forgiven for minor palpitations, but the one truth is, those who embrace technical innovation thrive in disruptive markets. And it needn’t be as scary as you may think.

“It’s entirely understandable to feel comfortable with existing processes, suppliers and technology if you rely on customer data to drive marketing and sales. Why change what works and risk losing critical information?”

Richard Price, our Director of Corporate Clients says, in the last 15 years he’s seen the most traditional industries breathe new life into their organisations using innovation to increase efficiencies, remain competitive and move closer to customers.

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Richard Price – Director of Corporate Clients

But what data do you streamline or harness and how do you minimise disruption, particularly to businesses with well-established cultures and ways of working? It’s insight from other verticals and experience in organisation transformation that Price brings to estate agency.

Having previously advised brands from many vertical sectors which embraced technology to bring positive business change, Price has plenty of experience. And he’s keen to point out that in order to gain the most value from any investment you need company-wide adoption.

It’s this heart-felt belief that drives his approach. “Software providers need do more to help customers maximise the potential of new technologies. You have to work in partnership so that you can translate business goals into working processes whilst making the most of your investment. If you buy a Ferrari you want to use all six gears and not just two!” he says.

richard price dezrez software estate agents“So many software providers fail to understand an organisation’s goals and how technology fits into their vision. And as disrupted markets rely more on technology to not only steady the ship but to reach new ports, it will become a much more important for suppliers and customers to work in partnership.”

Price has already been true to his word. In his first months at Dezrez he has been integral to conversations we’re having with industry leaders. He’s working closely with a number to develop the processes and deliver the business change that will help them to get the most out of Rezi and to give them the tools to drive adoption throughout their organisations.

“Rezi is a flexible platform and coupled with Dezrez Enhance workflows gives our customers an impressive amount of options for customisation and automation. I’m here so customers make the most of these market leading features and meet the future of estate agency with confidence,” concludes Price.


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